EDI TestBed

Elektronikas un datorzinātņu institūta (EDI) (eng.: Institute of Electronics and Computer Science) TestBed or in short EDI TestBed is a 100+ node heterogeneous sensor network and wireless network testbed for validation and research in sensor network & wireless network protocols. In  addition, it also includes a sub-project for intelligent transportation system testing using the new IEEE 802.11p standard.

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Development of Wireless Sensor Networks is a challenging task, especially when it comes to large numbers (10+) of sensor nodes. WSN designers must take special care of hardware and software and perform many tests before running their applications in real life.

To evaluate the performance of WSN adequately, the developer should perform:

  • energy consumption monitoring;
  • battery discharge simulations;
  • radio communication stability monitoring.

Our EDI TestBed provides realistic environment and simplified testing procedure for embedded systems, especially for WSN.

EDI TestBed capabilities


EDI TestBed technical description